nude kayaks 


Sunset/L.E.D Night Tour

A one hour tour, beginning half hour before sunset and finishing in the darkness, illuminated with L.E.D lights.  Designed to be an easy paddle, so suitable for all ages.

Limited to 5 kayaks, we don't have a minimum for the tour to go ahead, but we do have a maximum of ten people. Children must be accompanied by an adult, but we have room for one more with our tour guide, so just ask us!  Our clear kayaks are like a kayak/canoe hybrid, so can be a single or a double. They are very light, so a maximum weight limit of 160kgs applies.


The idea of this tour is to take advantage of our beautiful sunsets, plus make the most of

the transparency of our "nude" kayaks.  We'll  meander along the shoreline, heading East towards Dutchies Beach, visiting  our resident black swans.  We then head out towards the middle of the bay and turn around, in time to capture the sunset.

Photo time!  (we have phone protectors for your use if you wish) 

Time to turn on the lights and experience the magic of underwater as it becomes darker.

                                                                                                             Fish are attracted to light, so hopefully they'll come check us out.

                                                                                                            As during the day, the odds are pretty high to see a dolphin or two, so keep an eye out!

Bookings and payment are essential for this tour. Due to the fact it is totally reliant on suitable weather, we will confirm on the day of the tour.                   If you wish to book further ahead, please let us know when you'd like to come through our Contacts Page and we'll pencil you in and be in touch a few days before. 

Of course, you are welcome to phone with inquiries on 0422 594 435.

As we have special permission to extend our trading hours after sunset, we cannot operate Sunday nights, or longer than half an hour after sunset. This is why the times will vary a little. We ask that you come no later than fifteen minutes before your start time as there are waivers to be signed, life jackets to be fitted and instructions given. You will get a little wet, so wear appropriate clothing.