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Our Story

Hello!  Thanks for checking out our website. We are a local couple  (Dan and Sharon). We have lived in beautiful Port Stephens for more than fifteen years.   Exploring the waterways has always been a highlight but until we discovered kayaking in a completely transparent kayak we didn't know what we were missing!

So we decided we wanted to share the experience with you and really hope you'll come check us out.

The kayaks are a kayak/canoe hybrid. Safe for families and the inexperienced!  We are happy to give you instructions and keep an eye on you while you're out on the water. 

Dan is our resident thinker and likes to come up with new ideas.  Thus the water roller. Great fun for the kids and only $5 each, it's a good way to tire them out. Available Summer school holidays only or on request for parties. Ask us!

Check out his latest idea on  the Sunset/L.E.D Night Tour Page




Call us

Please call Sharon or Dan on 0422594435 or check our Facebook page to see what's happening each day.
OPEN from 8.30am during school holidays, weather permitting.  Bookings essential at other times.

We take cash or eftpos down the beach and you can book a hire without having to pre-pay.

However, bookings are essential for the Sunset/L.E.D Night Tour. We take payment and confirmed booking only a week ahead on our Tour Bookings Page, as we should know by then if a tour will go ahead due to weather.
If you wish to book the tour further ahead, please email us via our Contacts page and we'll pencil you in and contact you a week beforehand.


Begin half hour before sunset and end in darkness. It will be more of a meander and photo opportunity than a strenuous paddle. The sunsets are spectacular and the lights are designed to attract the fish under the boat.  This is a new tour. We've had the perfect balmy night with dolphins, the spectacular sunset accentuated by the smoke haze and the night the sun disappeared behind the clouds and the full moon made a majestic appearance. So each tour has been slightly different so far.  Have a look at our Sunset/L.E.D Night Tour Page for details. If we have no dates listed on the Booking Page, please contact us anyway. 



Just so you know, we are located on a dog friendly beach, so you may be greeted by more than just us


Bagnalls Beach, Corlette
Only 5 minutes from Nelson Bay, find the entrance to the carpark opposite Pantowora Street.
It's FREE parking and plenty there.

When you can't go kayaking....

As we've found out over the past couple of years, the weather can be quite frustrating. It may be sunny and warm, but too windy to kayak safely. It may rain for a week or as in recent weeks, smoke haze!  So, I have started Paint and Sip classes for those times when you want to get out of that holiday accommodation and still have some fun. Paint classes with a bevy or two. Limited to 6 people. $40 per person.
Have a look at my facebook page                                        WINE AND ART ON THE COAST